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50 Cent He Treats The Cast Members As VIPS, Showing He Believes In Them




In a new Instagram post, the rapper showed the world how well he treats the cast of his latest show “Black Mafia Family”, as he provided cars and private flights for them.

He wrote: “BMF cast and crew we out here moving different very legendary, very necessary. ????why they put your cast in coach, they don’t believe in your show! LOL ????????Green light Gang”

With a net worth of $30 million as of 2021, it’s no surprise that 50 Cent likes to flex his wealth on social media, showing off his cars, and he rolls on private jets.


The cast of the Starz show took a Falcon 900 tri-jet owned by Saturn Aviation, which has a capacity of 13 passengers. Based on the video, he also seems to have collaborated with the company Signature, which offers a private luxury experience on commercial flights. The jet has a cabin height of 6.1 ft (1.88 m), a width of 7.6 ft (2.34 m), and a length of 33 ft (10.11 m). “There’s a first time for everything,” one of the cast members points out, confirming that all of them had a blast in the air.

There are three divan leather-covered seats onboard, as well as soft tan leather seats, hot meals, wireless internet access, and a satellite phone. There’s also a conference table with a pop-up large screen monitor.

The jet has a speed of 404 mph, and reaches an altitude of 11,000 ft. Of course, each cast member also had a car waiting for them outside the plane after landing.

If that’s 50 Cent’s way of proving he believes in his team prior to the premiere, we can’t wait to see what happens when/if the show becomes successful.

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