Atletico Madrid Have Ruled Out Selling Joao Felix

Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have been holding intense talks in recent days. Griezmann could return to the Wanda and Saul could head to the Camp Nou. A straight swap which could be announced soon. It just needs the footballers to agree.

On this possible swap deal, both clubs have made their opinions clear. Barca have said that they will not pay a single euro of Griezmann’s salary. If that swap is done, Atletico Madrid have to agree to pay his entire salary. They do not want to commit the same mistake they made with Suarez a year back.

Atletico Madrid have also set boundaries. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ says that Atletico Madrid will not pay any crazy amount for the move to go ahead. They would have no issue if the deal were not done. In other words, if Saul stayed at Atleti and Griezmann at Barca.

It is true that Atletico Madrid would like to have the Frenchman back. They think that, if he joins the attack, they would have a potent strike force for the 2021-22 season. But Atletico will not force things.

According to this source, Atletico Madrid believe that the pressure is on Barcelona. They will have to reduce the wage bill and that is why they are thinking of releasing Griezmann.

Another thing they have said is that Joao Felix is untouchable. In the last few hours, there has been talk of Barca asking for the Portuguese attacker instead of Saul. However, the Madrid based club will not accept that. Atletico are willing to let Saul, although they do not want him to leave either, but Felix will not go under any circumstances. Now Barca have to respond.


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