Balearic Government Is Introducing New Restrictions In The Sant Antoni Area Of Ibiza


Under the tourism of excesses decree, which has also been put in place in other parts of the Balearic Islands, the number of people who can sit at a table in a bar or similar setting is now limited to ten outdoors and six indoors.

Capacity limits for these venues will also be limited to 100 indoors and 200 outdoors, and they must all close by 2am. Shops in the area will also not be allowed to sell alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am.

Tourism minister and government spokesperson Iago Negueruela, said in a press conference on Monday, July 5th that these measures are being put in place in order to contain the spread of the virus. On Sunday, officials reported 303 cases new cases of COVID-19 on the island that had been confirmed in the 24 hours before, with 233 new cases also being logged on Saturday.

The change in restrictions, and spike in cases, comes after the UK government added the Balearic Islands to its green watch list for travel last week. On July 2nd, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that all UK travellers would be required to have a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination upon entry to the Balearic Islands.

With the islands having been explicitly added to the UK government’s “watch list”, however, it was signalled that they could be quickly re-added to the amber list for travel if there was an increase in COVID-19 cases, which is now being seen.

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