“Tesina Pot” Or “Survive” – Which Is Your Favourite Jaido P & Olamide Collab?

In less than a year, Olamide has linked up with Jaido P twice. That’s more than Davolee had even when he was signed to YBNL.

Olamide likes Jaido P obviously, and he’s not just given the young rapper two hits, but he has also set the guy on fire. There is no limit to where Jaido P can get to now. With his new EP coming, he could blow up and even be in Next Rated conversations later this year.

The first song Jaido P did with Olamide, “Tesina Pot” was released in July 2020, not long before Olamide released his acclaimed studio album, “Carpe Diem.”

Tesina Pot” is a proper street banger, and it’s a jam full of groovy vibes. All through last year, the jam was in heavy rotation. The music video has also amassed a whooping 631k views on YouTube. For an artist like Jaido, that’s a lot.

The new collab, “Survive” is easily one of the hottest jams at the moment. The song models the new Olamide cool style, as explored on his latest album, “UY Scuti.” The jam is growing fast too. It already has over 500k views on YouTube in just one week.

They’re no doubt the two biggest Jaido P songs ever and they happen to feature Olamide Baddo. Which one is the best though?

“Tesina Pot” Or “Survive” – Which Is Your Favourite Jaido P & Olamide Collab?


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